Who we are

Our mission

We enhance people’s lives by designing digital products and services with better outcomes for our clients and their customers.

We’re an experience design company who believes in creating better outcomes for everyone. We design digital products and services that are formed around customer insight and focused on helping businesses achieve better outcomes. The result? Existing customers love them and new customers come flocking.

Management team

Rick Farrell - Experience Design Director

Rick Farrell

Experience Design Director

Paul Hill - Experience Design Director

Paul Hill

Experience Design Director

Andy Wardleworth - Non-executive Director

Andy Wardleworth

Non-Executive Director

Dolly Farrell - Business Development Manager

Dolly Farrell

Business Development Manager

Angelene Weedon - Operations Manager

Angelene Weedon

Operations Manager

Lidia Oshlyansky - UX and Product Innovation Advisor

Lidia Oshlyansky

UX & Product Innovation Advisor

Tim Jones - Design and Research Advisor

Tim Jones

Design & Research Advisor

Ricardo Sueiras - Emerging Tech and Innovation Advisor

Ricardo Sueiras

Emerging Technology & Innovation Advisor

Our story

A highly talented team with world class design experience.

With a total of 10 years spent working at Google on renowned products such as Android, Maps and Search. Our directors have totted up over 40 years as design leaders in both the private and public sectors.

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In-house Vs Agency

Marker & Box was founded in 2017 by Rick, after a career spent in-house at various media and technology companies.

Naturally, we operate more like an in-house team than an agency by becoming close partners. This helps our clients move much faster. Our focus on these relationships is the reason our clients love to work with us.

Rick facilitating a design workshop at Twitter


Everything we do is guided by our design principles.

Focus on outcomes. Not solutions.

We never focus on short-term solutions. And we’re not fans of low hanging fruit. We obsess about measurable outcomes and the positive impact that a product or service has on customers.

Design for people, first.

We put people first. Whether it’s holding a door for someone or designing in a way that puts peoples needs first and foremost. By people we mean the business, their teams and their customers. We harmonise the needs of everyone to produce engaging products and services.

It’s not ‘us & them’. It’s we.

We love partnering with businesses. Marker & Box was built on a solid partnership. We believe that success comes from creating great relationships. We can’t do it without you.

Open and transparent

This company was established on being open, transparent and having trust. We really don’t mince our words. We will repeatedly ask Why, in order to understand the core business problem. This helps us deliver better outcomes.

Make it Simple. Be clear.

Making things simple is hard to do. We take the complexity away to make life easier for you and your customers. It’s not just making something look simple, we make it clear and easy to use. We communicate with clarity. We avoid jargon to ensure everyone knows where each other is at.

Work with a smile.

Business is a serious thing, but achieving better outcomes can be fun. We keep it relaxed and friendly, yet professional in our delivery. We work with a smile and sparkle in our eyes.

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